Best goal of Russia-2018! Let the fight begin!
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Best goal of Russia-2018! Let the fight begin!

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Voting for the best goal scored in Russia or by the members of Russian national team in 2018 begins! This time the world of beach soccer will do it differently.

It’s time to sum up year 2018 in beach soccer. All the main tournaments of the season are now behind, all the cups have found their owners, and all the balls that were destined to be scored had already found the back of the net. It’s all about the goals right now. We are launching our traditional voting before the New Year which will determine the best, the most spectacular, beautiful, awesome, stunning and fascinating goal of the year. And you will definitely help us with this choice! 

Let's get straight to the point. This year a real battle will unfold between the contenders for the best goal of the year title. There will be 14 applicants at the first stage of voting. The dozen was selected by the fans based on the results of All-Russian competitions. Two more spots were occupied by the best goals scored by the members of Russian national teams.

14 goals are divided into two groups of seven according to nationality. One group includes goals scored by the Russian players, the other one – by the foreigners. At this stage the goal scores themselves will join the readers and will be able to vote (they can choose any 3 goals they like except for the one they scored themselves*. 1st place will get 3 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd - 1 point). According to the results of the readers' voting points will be distributed as follows: first place - 20 points, second - 15, then - 12, 9, 6, 3 and 1. Four best goals (by total points) from each semi-final will advance to the final round. In case of equality priority is given to the goal that scored more points from the players. That means a total of 8 players will be presented at the grand final. And in the grand final the whole world of beach soccer will start voting! Coaches, experts, world starts and of course our readers will get final opportunity to express their own opinions.

The semi-final vote will end on Wednesday, December, 5th.

* Special voting conditions will affect Russian player Fedor Zemskov and Brazilian striker Tanger, who have three and two goals among the best respectively. Both will vote only once, but they will receive bonus points which they can distribute between their goals. Zemskov will have five points, Tanger – three points.

Results for each category will be reported separately with the standings being constantly updated. Final results will traditionally be presented to the public on New Year’s Eve – December 31.

We are ready to start. Are you? It’s time to choose the best goal of 2018!


All 14 goals see below:

Amadius Vinogradov (Novator) - Superleague, stage 1

Fedor Zemskov (Spartak) - Superleague, stage 1

Tanger (Delta) - Superleague, stage 2

Dmitriy Kartashov (Kristall) - Superleague, stage 2

Igor (Delta) - Superleague, stage 3

Brendo (Krylia Sovetov) - Superleague, stage 3

Tanger (Delta) - Superleague, stage 4

Fedor Zemskov (Spartak) - Superleague, stage 4

Pavel Bazhenov (Spartak) - Superfinal

Llorenc Gomes (CSKA) - Superfinal

Igor Brishtel (Spartak) - Russian Cup

Dario Ramachiotti (City) - Russian Cup

Fedor Zemskov (team Russia) - Intercontinental cup

Boris Nikonorov (team Russia) - Intercontinental cup

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