The national team of Belarus defeated the Turkish club Alanya BLD Spor twice

On January 25 and 26, Belarus's national team played two friendly matches as part of the training camp against local club Alanya BLD Spor. Both fights ended in favour of Belarus. It was announced by the official page of the Association "Beach Football Federation" in "VKontakte". 

The first game ended with a score of 7: 5 in favour of the Belarusian team. Ivan Konstantinov scored the hat-trick in the match, Nikita Tchaikovsky scored two goals. Yuri Petrovsky and Evgeny Novikov scored one goal each.

The second meeting also remained for the national team of Belarus. The fight ended with a score of 10: 4. The duplicates were made by Vadim Bokach, Ivan Konstantinov, Yuri Petrovsky and Artemy Drozd. Oleg Gapon and Yegor Gordetsky scored one goal each. 

The national team of Belarus's training camp takes place in the Turkish Antalya from January 20 to 28. 

Source: Official page of the AFPF (VKontakte)