The best goal of 2018 in Russia was scored by…

We already know who won the grand contest "Best goal of 2018 in Russia". We will not torture you any longer, the answer is inside!

One and a half months, 14 applicants, eight finalists, five categories of voters and more than 30 leading experts in the field of beach soccer. And only one winner. It was all about such a grand contest like "Best goal 2018 in Russia." A few hours before the we go to the year 2019, BSRussia crew would like to take a moment and sincerely thank all the participants, experts and, of course, our best fans for their interest in this project.

More than 1,100 goals were scored in FONBET Russian Superleague, FONBET Russian Cup, and also by Russian national teams in 2018! To be in top eight is already a huge success and an indicator that the player managed to create a real masterpiece. However, there is only one winner, and we already know him. Once you finish reading this article you will find out who it is.

Experts were divided into four categories: coaches of Superleague clubs, media representatives, beach soccer specialists and beach soccer world stars. Each voter chose five best goals from eight candidates and distributed points between them - 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 accordingly. Fans played a big role in determining the winner. According to the regulations, the winner of the readers' vote received 25 points. Second place got 20 points, the third one - 15, the fourth one - 10, and the fifth one - 5 points. All points were calculated, and we got the author of the best goal of 2018.

Before revealing the secret, let's take a quick look at what our experts think about it. 

Before the world stars started to vote, Brazilian Tanger was in the lead with only three points ahead of Boris Nikonorov. In the category “World Stars” Tanger and Nikonorov once again settled down next to each other, but the Brazilian still scored three points more and did not allow the Russian to get ahead. 

So the Brazilian star from “Delta” and his goal against ELMONT at the stage of FONBET Russian Superleague in Saratov was named the winner of the “Best goal of 2018 in Russia”. 

Congratulations to Tanger! Now we invite you to enjoy the best five goals once again! 

Fifth place - Fedor Zemskov (“Spartak”) - Super League, 1st stage

Fourth place - Lorenz Gomez (CSKA) - Super League, Super Final

Third place - Igor ("Delta") - Super League, 3rd stage

Second place - Boris Nikonorov (Team Russia) - Intercontinental Cup

First place - Tanger ("Delta") - Super League, 2nd stage