​FIFA World Cup in Moscow is the best thing could have ever experienced. Do not ever doubt it!​

FIFA has a unique chance to organize the best beach soccer world cup in history and it is only possible in Moscow!


Author:Mikhail Kudin

Ten outbreaks in Paraguay

BSRussia remembers the best goals from the 2019 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup and looks forward to a spectacular renewal this year..


Author:Mikhail Kudin

Hoeveler: “We are ready to prove to the world that Germany can play at the highest level”

An interview with a German international whose dream it is to play in Russia.

10 February, 14:00
Mohagheghi: “I am very lucky. There are good people around me, I couldn’t have done it alone.”

An interview with the man who made the development of Beach soccer the main goal in his life.

05 February, 22:30
Thank you, legend!

​Bsrussia remembers the best matches of the retired Russian Goalkeepers career.

28 January, 19:30
Metzler: "The main thing in beach soccer is to become a friend of the sand"

Exclusive interview with one of the best German football players "right now" for BSRussia.

31 January, 19:00
Akylbaeva: "I try to get the most out of every day"

An interview with a soccer player called by BSWW experts "the embodiment of beach soccer".

30 July, 10:00
Capture the moment. Best photos of the World Cup qualifier at Luzhniki stadium

Our photographers took thousands of snapshots at the tournament in Moscow. We chose the best of them. Please, enjoy.

28 July, 13:00
Andrade: God helped me save these penalties

Portuguese goalkeeper was crying after the game against Spain. He told us why.

27 July, 20:30
Tears and joy. Spain and Portugal played the best game of the tournament

The most dramatic episode of the tournament left Spain without the World Cup.

27 July, 12:00
"World Cup is the only trophy Italy is missing. It's time to change it"

Gabriele Gori is happy to qualify to the World Cup in Paraguay and believes Italy can do very well there.

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