Stankovic: playing in Russia? It is simply impossible!

The leader of team Switzerland Dejan Stankovic has left Grasshoppers to focus on the national team in 2019. He does not even look towards Russia.

In first days of 2019 big news came from Switzerland. Dejan Stankovic completed his work at the Grasshopper Beach Soccer Club, at the origins of which he stood himself.  He decided to concentrate on playing for the national team. BSRussia found out all the details about it. It turned out that even without a job at Grasshoppers he had absolutely no time for beach soccer. However, he does not leave the dream to play at the World Cup in Paraguay, although he evaluates the power of the Swiss team very modestly.

- Is it true to say that this decision was made because you decided to focus only on the the national team in a very busy season of 2019?

- For the past seven years I have made great efforts to play beach soccer both in Italy and Switzerland at the same time. And now I really made the decision to leave Grasshoppers in order to be able to concentrate on playing in the Italian championship and for the national team. And by the way, I still have my main job in Zurich!

- Could you tell us a little bit more about your function in Grasshoppers?

- I was the head of Grasshoppers since the club was founded, I helped to build it from scratch. And I also served as coach. But now I have resigned from all duties.

- Do you plan to return to Grasshoppers at the end of the current season?

- No, it’s all in the past already.

- How hard will it be for you to combine beach soccer with non-football work in 2019?

- This will be very difficult. I still do not know how to do it. At work I have five weeks of vacation per year. And in the upcoming season I will need at least ten weeks. So I have no idea how I will handle it. May be I will have to skip some tournaments.

- Where do you plan to play at the club level next season? Do you already have options or any specific suggestions? Are you considering Russian Super League?

- Just a few days ago I signed a contract with the club from Italy and I am very happy about it. Great team with great players. A little later I can tell you more (smiles). And now I don’t even consider playing in Russia because of my main job. It is simply impossible.

- Could you single out some key tournaments for Swiss national team in 2019?

- The most important tournament for us will be the World Cup qualifiers. I will be very pleased to participate in everything else though, and the European Games will surely become an unforgettable experience, but to be honest most of all I want to play at the World Cup in Paraguay.

- How would you rate the chances of the national team to get at least one trophy in 2019?

- We will not fight for the trophies - it is just unreal. It would be great to get together for the key tournaments at least. All of this is sad, but true. On the other hand, there will be no pressure.

- Do you have any thoughts about your retirement? Is it possible to say that this season will be decisive for your future?

- Of course not! We are not professionals, we do not earn money. Anything can happen, but no one will expel us. So all this will be just an extra bonus for us.