Llorenz: I had a chance to transfer to Lokomotiv a while ago, but decided not to betray my club

Llorenz Gomez wants to win trophies with Lokomotiv, but he does not hide the fact that team Spain is of primary importance for him.

The transfer of the Spaniard Llorenz Gomez to Lokomotiv Moscow was the main transfer bomb of the coming year. The best player of the world after the New Year had a vacation with his girlfriend in Andorra and right after started training to get back in shape. In interview with BSRussia Lorenz explained why he made a choice in favor of Lokomotiv and also admitted that the interests of the Spanish national team are more important for him than the clubs’ ones.

- Congratulations on your tranfer  to Lokomotiv! Could you tell us when and how you received the offer? Why did you decide to accept it?

- Firstly Lokomotiv contacted me before the third stage of the Super League-2018. I was offered to spend the second part of the season in the team of Ilya Leonov, but I gave my word to CSKA. Of course, interest from such a club as Lokomotiv is a great honor, but I thought that I should be a real man and keep my promise. It would be wrong to leave CSKA at that moment. I told Leonov about this and he understood me. A few months later, Loko offered me to play for them in the next season, and said yes. I am very happy to be a part of Loko.

- Have you had any offers from other Russian Superleague clubs? If yes, which ones were they? Why did you choose Lokomotiv?

- Yes, I had other options, but I would prefer not to call clubs, because I respect their owners. First of all, I chose Lokomotiv, because this club has an excellent infrastructure, everything is built on a professional level including the treatment and recovery of players. In addition, I wanted to work under the leadership of Ilya Leonov. In my opinion, he is very smart, he knows what he wants from the players, and most importantly he can show players how to do it. He knows how to find the right words for the players. I hope that together we will be able to show good results in 2019.

- Last season Lokomotiv sensationally did not make it to the Super Final of the Russian Superleague. Do you feel special responsibility to make Lokomotiv great again?

- I'm just one of the players. It all depends on each player, coach, club employee, president and many other factors. Of course, I will do everything to help “Lokomotiv» return to the victorious path, but this is not my personal responsibility. It is the responsibility of everyone who is involved in the club. I really want the season of 2019 to be excellent for Lokomotiv, and I will make every effort for that.

- In Lokomotiv you will play with Rogovsky, Mamadiyev and Viktor Kryshanov, with whom you led CSKA to bronze medals in 2017. What does this mean for you?

- It will be great to play with them again! In 2017 we won bronze medals together, and this was an amazing result for CSKA. We know each other very well, and I hope that this will help us to bring Lokomotiv back to the top. Of course, the level of players is of primary importance, but mutual understanding and communication between players on and off the pitch is sometimes even more important. Therefore, I believe that our experience will help us to achieve even more in Lokomotiv.

- You have already played for Lokomotiv at Mundialito-2017. Tell us about the brightest memories from that tournament?

-It was a great experience. We enjoyed the game and eventually won the trophy. My philosophy of life is to appreciate every moment every day. Therefore, I have only positive impressions of playing for Loko at Mundialito. I played for the team for the first time, and we won the tournament. These are the wonderful memories and great motivation for the next season.

- Do you know already if you will compete in other national championships next year? If so, which ones and why did you make this choice?

-Maybe I will play not only in Russia, but at the moment I can not say anything else. The situation will clear up within a few months.

- 2019 will be the most intense in the history of beach soccer. Spain will play in a lot of tournaments. Have you already discussed your involvement in it with the national team coach? Are you planning to play in all tournaments, or may be you will miss some of the competitions?

- I am in constant contact with the head coach of the Spanish national team. For me, the national team comes first. Fortunately, the schedule of national teams and clubs will not match, but anyways the national team coaches are up to date with my plans, so no difficulties should arise here.