01 February, 21:30

What to choose? How not to get lost in the official match balls of 2019

After release of the new ball, people wondered which tool will we use in 2019? Looks like there will be two balls at once.

What do you need for beach soccer in the first place? Sand and ball. Even the nets can be replaced with some cobblestones or backpacks. But without a ball you can not do anything. This is well understood in BSWW. They decide which ball to use to play in tournaments under its brand and then actively sells them all over the world. National federations of most countries prefer to stay in trend, and therefore they are forced to buy lots of new balls annually. The scheme is debugged so well that today it is highly unlikely to see the ball from two years ago. 

In the middle of the last decade, when the World Cups began to take place under the FIFA brand, well-known company Adidas stepped up and offered its ball for use. Their design changed quite often, but the high quality remained unchanged. New model appeared once a year with rare exceptions, and everyone got used to it. Things changed in the fall of 2018. 

Before the Intercontinental Cup in Dubai, BSWW presented the official ball of 2019 - the turquoise sphere called “sunset”. We do not know exactly what company was involved in the development of a "sunset", but the result was not very impressive. Participants of the Intercontinental Cup unanimously criticized the ball for its strange aerodynamic characteristics, and also stressed out that it was practically invisible under artificial light. TV produced were not pleased with the new ball either. It was impossible to identify it from the screen.


Nevertheless, even such a negative reaction of the players did not prevent BSWW ball from going on sale on the official website of the organization and quickly spread around the world. But the thing is that in 2019 we will have the World Cup where you can only use Adidas ball. So at the end of January BSWW in collaboration with Adidas presented one more ball - "Conext19". Most players have not got the opportunity to check the new product of the giant sports industry yet, but visually it also raised a number of questions. First of all, everybody got confused by the abundance of white and yellow colors. There is a fear it will merge with the sand.


“I haven’t tried the ball yet. In photos it looks stylish, but it still seems too light. I hope the colors will not disturb goalkeepers from seeing the position of the ball when somebody takes a shot. Usually you need a few practices to get used to the new ball. You can adapt even if you have to play one tournament with one ball and another one with a different ball. But I would certainly like to have the same ball used in all competitions, it will be easier for everybody”, - Russian national team goalie Maxim Chuzhkov said.


Indeed, the question of using balls in specific tournaments is trcky. At the presentation of the "sunset" it was announced that this particular ball would be used in all competitions under BSWW in 2019. But then in January, while presenting “Konext19”, big bosses of BSWW noted that “it is not for sure yet whether the Adidas product will be involved in all official tournaments”. Anyways, the 2019 calendar has a lot of tournaments not under BSWW brand, so we might see different balls in different competitions. 

 “It will be possible to evaluate the new ball only once the players try it out. As far as I understand, many people are confused by the color. There are fears that the ball will not look good on TV. As for the possible use of different balls in different tournaments, there is pretty much nothing you can do about it. There is always money involved. We should take it as it is, although in previous years everything was much simpler. We played each segment with a separate ball, and all these orange balls were a good quality and had excellent visibility. I do not know why they decided to change it. I think this whole confusion with this azure ball will make the to return to the traditional orange color. Perhaps. 

There are certain details. For example, the ball that we used at the Intercontinental Cup, is very different in terms of aerodynamic indicators from those we got used to. Of course, we adapted in the end. We could beat the Brazilians, so it means it was a good ball (smiles). We need to be able to quickly adapt to each option, "- the head coach of the Russian national team Mikhail Likhachev explained.

Of course, an organization that regulates the use of balls in official tournaments has its own truth. Many federations asked to make the ball "simpler", because the prices for the "Adidas" products are extremely high. If you check prices on BSWW website, ‘SUNSET’ is really 10 euros cheaper than "Konext19. At the same time, it is obvious that the majority of federations and clubs will buy both types of balls, which means that sellers will get their profit. Let’s just hope that the organizers will not create one individual ball for one particular player. That would be really bizarre.