Tanger: playing in Russia made me recognizable on the streets of Brazil

​No one knew him. But after a year of playing in Russia Brazilian kids dream of following his footsteps.

A year ago, the Brazilian player was known only to the narrow circle of specialists. However, Delta from Saratov believed in him and ...they hit the jackpot! Tanger became famous not only because of his bright appearance, but also because of the high-quality skills. The Brazilian helped Delta to win silver medals of the Russian championship, and his goal against ELMONT got “Best goal of 2018 in Russia” award. Now many Russian clubs are hunting for the defender, but he gave hiw word to the president of Delta and intends to keep it. In an interview with BSRussia Tanger, who plays Mundialito for Spartak, shared his impressions of working under Likhachev, compared Spartak and Flamengo fans, and also admitted that he feels responsible for young Brazilian footballers.

- Tanger, congratulations on your victory. It looks like the fans enjoyed the game, but how did it feel from the inside?
- It was very hard for us, the opponent showed a good game. But our team knew that we could succeed, we believed in ourselves, and in the end the luck was on our side. We won second match in a row with a minimal advantage, but it would be wrong to expect easy victories at a tournament of this level. The main thing is that Spartak scored six points and solved the problem of reaching the semifinal.

- Spartak controlled the game for the most part, but then Sporting quickly scored three goals and came back. What helped your team to keep patience?
- When Sporting leveled the game, we kept our head cool and stayed calm. That made a difference. We did not panic, but knew exactly what had to be done, and we were able to show it on the sand.

- You are working with one of the most famous and successful coaches in beach soccer in Spartak. How does it feel?
- I knew that this is a very experienced and high-class mentor, so I gladly agreed to work with him in Spartak. Now I can personally witness how good he is and how competent he is. I feel very comfortable playing for Sparkat, and I hope that together we will manage to win the first place here.


- Spartak will complete the group stage with the game vs BATE. What will motivate you tomorrow?
- It's great that we were able to complete our task within two games. This will help us to play with the last opponent without additional pressure. But our team has the psychology of a winner, every player goes on the sand to show the maximum and help Spartak. The game against BATE will not be an exception. 

- Fans gave Spartak impressive support at this tournament. Can you compare the fans of Spartak with the fans of Flamengo, who are also famous for their amazing support?
- Fans of Flamengo are really very passionate, sincere and emotional. Now I play for Spartak and I enjoy support the fans give us. It's very cold outside, but inside the stadium it is a real heat. They do not stop even for a minute, drive us forward and give us energy. It really helps a lot, especially in difficult situations. I want to thank Spartak fans for their support. I can assure them that we will give all our best in every game to make them happy.

- Delta’s president Sergei Kormilitsyn said that you consulted with him before accepting the offer from Spartak. Could tell us a little bit more?
- It's true. As soon as Spartak invited me to play for them at Mundialito, I immediately contacted the president of Delta. He was not against it. So we made an agreement that next season I will play for Delta.

- Delta is famous for its very attacking style of the game, Spartak, on the contrary, goes from defense. How hard is it for you to play to adjust to this style?
- I am a defender, so I feel quite comfortable playing in the style that Spartak plays. But in Delta I also enjoyed going full gas on attack. I like to bring joy to the fans, I like when a lot of goals are scored. But still, as a defender, it is unpleasant for me when my team concedes a lot. Spartak’s coach urges us to play compactly in defense not allowing opponents to create chances at our side. So these two styles of play are very different, but I like both.


- Last year you arrived in Russia for the first time. Then almost nobody knew you here, but literally over the season you have become one of the brightest Brazilian foreign players. Has anything changed in your life during this time?
- The Russian league gives each player tremendous opportunities to grow and realize their potential. For me, this is by far the best beach soccer league in the world. I thought that I had worked a lot before, but as soon as I got to the Super League, I realized that it was necessary to work several times harder to achieve something here. When you come to Russia in the status of a foreign player, you have to showcase much more than the local players. When you come to Russia, you instantly realize it. This became an incentive for me to develop and work even harder. When I came back to Brazil, people started to recognize me on the streets. It was very unusual, but very pleasant (smiles).

- Surely many young Brazilian players dream to follow your footsteps. Do you feel responsibility in this regard?
- I can say for sure that young players in Brazil dream of playing in Russia. They are one hundred percent aware that this is a unique opportunity. It is very important for me to show a good example, to behave with dignity and to play at a high level, because kids in Brazil are watching the Russian championship so it means they are watching me playing.

- And at the end of our conversation I would like to ask the most important question. Last year, your hairstyle was much longer. Have you changed your style, or will your hair grow back before the start of the season?
- My wife cut my hair, but they will grow back by the summer season. Perhaps I will make a surprise and appear in a new interesting style (smiles).