"World Cup qualifier is the main tournament. But it is also holiday time for our families"

Norwegian player Fredy Bidro explained why team leaders did not come to Moscow and talked about the future of the national team.

Norway had a good chance to keep their World Cup dreams alive here in Moscow. On Monday, July 22 Norwegian team was playing Moldova. Whoever won this game would qualify to the next round. The stakes were high, but Norway lost in overtime. 

That was the end of the tournament for Norway. One of the players Fredy Bidro was very disappointed but did not refuse to talk about his team's performance and future plans. 

- Fredy, Norwegian team lost last chance to qualify to the World Cup. What emotions are you experiencing right now?

- We lost two key players because of the yellow cards before the game, so it was very difficult for us. We discussed everything before the match and told each other that we should give everything and show that we can do, because this is the most important match of the year for us. And we almost managed to survive. Moldova took a lead, but we came back and held on to overtime. But could not get a win there. 

- The weather today was just crazy. Rain and sun came together…

- Rain did not bother us at all. We are used to it in Norway. We have sun for only one month and the rest of the time the weather is cloudy. Just like in Russia (smiles).

- What can you say about the atmosphere of the tournament and the organization?

- That is the first time I came to Russia and everything is great here - people, stadium, organization. Everything is at the highest level.

- Is it the first tournament in the national team for you?

- If we talk about the highest level, then yes. But in general, these were not my first games for the Norwegian team. Every winter we go to the tournament in Thailand, we also tried to play in Poland.

- Why did not you play at major tournaments before?

- It was impossible to get rid of work. I have a small business that is time consuming and it was just impossible to escape. 

- Why some leaders of the national team could not come to Moscow?

- It is difficult to get people together in the middle of summer. Many guys are on holidays and they want to spend time with their families, so they can't play beach soccer.

- But it is the most important tournament of the whole season, is not it?

- Yes, I agree. But we just could not get together. Someone came, some could not. 

- You look more like a fighter than a soccer player. What other sports do you like?

- Really (laughs)? No, I only play beach soccer. We train two or three times a week, so I'm in good shape (smiles). In addition to beach soccer, we play big football, but we are not professionals. Second division level or something like that. 

- Jorgen Jalland, who played for the Norwegian team, also played for Rubin Kazan in the Russian Premier league.

- Yes, that is true. But at the moment he does not even play beach soccer. He has a family, three kids. Sometimes he comes to practice with us. He is a really good guy.

- What are the future plans for Norwegian beach soccer team?

- The plan is to attract more young people to the team and train all together to make our team stronger. Our team now consists mainly of players from 29 to 35 years old, so we urgently need to decrease this age level.

- Do you think beach soccer is going to develop in Norway?

- We will try very hard to develop it. But it's not that easy. We really do not have enough playgrounds for beach soccer. In fact, there is only one top-level stadium in Norway in Oslo. So moving forward is not easy.