18 March, 12:00

Welcome to!

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Hello, dear friends!

We are happy to welcome you on the main website about beach soccer -

Perhaps you already visited our website, but it was difficult to understand it in Russian, we know that. We decided to help you and made an English version so that you could get as much information as fans in Russia.

If you still do not know, we have all the stats from all international tournaments of recent years. This also applies to club competitions and national team battles. Everything is at your service now. And we will gradually increase the volume of news and articles that appear on our website in English. You will always be aware of the most current events that take place both in Russia and in the world!

We have done a lot of work, but at the same time we realize that the main work is yet to come. We know that the new website is not perfect, there are still errors. We ask you to accept it with patience and understanding, because we we won’t stop our work even for a single day!

In the meantime you can try to get used to it! Summer season is just around the corner! We hope you will follow the success of your favorite teams with us.

Sincerely yours, team.