"This is the best Spain I have ever played for"

Best player of 2018 in the world Llorenc Gomez explained why playing for this team made him so happy.

Best player of 2018 in beach soccer according to BSWW Llorenc Gomez is not shining as bright as we used to see lately. He is not a goal-scoring machine anymore. But his team is playing amazing at the World Cup qualifier in Moscow and in the whole season in general. 

In the first game of the second group stage Spain won Azerbaijan 9:3. Llorenc told BSRussia why he changed his role on the team and how it helped Spain to become better. 

-Llorenc, what happened with Spain when you let Azerbaijan score three goals against you?

- Well, this is why we like beach soccer. It’s unpredictable. Azerbaijan is a good team. They played hard. It started raining at some point of the game. May be, that helped them too. 

- What was the key moment for you in the game?

- We understood what was going on. Azerbaijan was using a different defense system. So we changed ours and got the victory. 

- Spain played 4 games in Moscow so far but against only two teams, because you played Azerbaijan and Latvia twice. Is it weird?

- It is for sure! But that is the schedule of the tournament. The next game will be against a different team. It’s not a problem for us. We just want to move forward step by step. 

- The weather in Moscow is a bit crazy, is not it?

- Yes, rain is not good for beach soccer. Of course, we are not used to such weather in Spain. But we must understand that we can not do anything with the weather. It is what it is. It’s also important to learn how to play in different conditions. Today we got experience of playing in the rain. And I think we did pretty good.

- You are not scoring many goals this season and play closer to your own net. Was it part of a plan?

- Beach soccer is not an individual game. I’m a part of the team and need to do whatever is best for my team. I can go to the frond and score 10 goals, but if my team lose, it won’t make any sense. I’m ready to play for Spain at any position. 

- What changed specifically in your game?

- I play in the back now and try to create moments for my team-mates. We see what is happening up front and try to react with quick passes. We have been playing a lot together with most of the team members so we know each other well. That helps us to move In the right direction. It’s my ninth year with the national team. And I want to say that this is the best team Spain I have ever played for.

- What are the main reasons?

- A lot of experience and talent combined. We know our technical stuff, our tactics, we are in good shape. 

- Spain beat Russia in Moscow in 2012 in a big game in the final. Do you remember that game?

-  I do remember for sure. Although I did not play because I was injured. It was a beautiful game with a lot of people watching. We were very happy back then. 

- Russia is bidding to host 2021 World Cup. What do you think about that?

- Why not? I like Russia a lot. Russia does a lot of good things for beach soccer. I’m sure if Moscow gets a chance to host it, it will be amazing. 

- Do you think Spain can also be a host of the World Cup some day?

- I hope so! And I really want it to happen before I retire (laughs). 

- You changed your hairstyle lately. It looks more serious and normal now. Does it mean you became more serious too?

- It’s a very good question (laughs). I’m still the same guy to be honest. I still like to joke, smile and have fun. And also I will grow my hair once again, because I like trying different styles.