Vasco da Gama defeated Flamengo in penalty shootout in Brazilian Championship final


Brazilian Beach Soccer Championship ended in Guaruje, São Paulo.

In the final game Vasco da Gama beat Flamengo in penalty shootout. Igor opened the scoring, but Jordan and Lukinje let Vasco da Gama take the lead in first period. Igor regained balance in second period. Spectators did not see any more action neither in third period nor in extra time. Vasco da Gama was better in penalty shootout. 

Botafogo beat Sampio Korrea in the third place gam. Botafogo was losing 0:4 after the first period, but came back in second, and managed to take advantage in third.

Brazilian Championship. Guaruja

February 3rd


Vasco da Gama - Flamengo - 2:2 OT (2:1, 0:1, 0:0, 0:0, and pen. 2:0)

Third place game

Sampayo Correa - Botafogo - 5:7 (4:0, 1:5, 0:2).