Igor, Katarino and Tanger will play for Spartak on club Mundialito-2019

Spartak Moscow decided on foreign players for the club Mundialito which will be held in Moscow from February 27 to March 3. First of all, we found out that Brazilians Igor and Tanger would play for the team. It is interesting that these players were the leaders of Flamengo at the South American league and helped the club from Rio de Janeiro to reach Brazilian championship final.

“Igor and Tanger will play for Spartak at Mundialito. I can’t say anything about their participation in Russsian Super League though. Most likely, you will see another foreign player in Moscow, but his name is still kept secret. We will not invite a foreign player for goalkeeping position, we have good goalkeepers”, – Spartak’s head coach Mikhail Likhachev said to BSRussia reporter Alexey Adamov.

Later we got an update that the third foreign player will be Katarino. He won gold medals of Russian Superleague with Lokomotiv in 2017.