Likhachev: I think Loko’s group is much easier, but Leonov thinks differently

The head coach of Spartak Moscow Mikhail Likhachev shared his opinion about his team’s opponents in the group stage of  Mundialito. Spartak will play with Belarusian BATE, Portuguese Sporting and Brazilian Flamengo.

“On the day of the draw, Ilya Leonov and I played football together, and during the break in between we found out the results of the draw. So we learned the at the same time as had time to share thoughts. We had a difference of opinions (smiles). I thought that Lokomotiv got a much easier group, Ilya thinks differently. Anyways, club Mundialito will have a very strong composition of participants, very good teams. We must move step by step during the tournament.

To a greater extent, we have an idea of what Sporting will look like. This is a strong team that has proven itself in many international tournaments. Famous Portuguese footballers will play for them: Madzher, Belshior, Coimbra, goalkeeper Petroni. It is clear that it will not be easy to handle them. As for BATE, matches with Belarusian teams traditionally turn out to be difficult. I think the upcoming meetng with BATE will not be an exception. Brand Flamengo already speaks for itself. This is the most popular club in Brazil and one of the favorites of Mundialito. Yes, Igor and Tanger will not play for them, but in Brazil there are a lot of strong players, so they should have no problems with the recruitment, ”- Likhachev told BSRussia correspondent Alexey Adamov.