​Spartak lost to Flamengo in a third place game at club Mundialito 2019

Last game day of club Mundialito-2019 started in Moscow. In a third place game Flamengo beat Spartak with a score of 4:3.

The first period was full of dangerous moments, but the teams managed to use only one of them. Alexey Pavlenko got a ball from Tanger and put Spartak into a lead - 1:0.

After the break Flamengo managed to level the score by the efforts of Elinton Andrade, who took a great shot from his own net. And then the Brazilians stepped forward: Gustavo Torres scored from the free kick.

At the 28th minute of the game, Felipe Kampos used a bicycle kick to create a comfortable advantage for Flamengo, but Alex Makarov immediately scored his goal after the corner. And in the end, the teams exchanged goals again. However, Spartak failed to level the score at the remaining 25 seconds.

Thus, Flamengo took third place in club Mundialito-2019, Spartak became fourth.

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