BSWW and IDOVEN enter into cooperation agreement

06 February, 14:00

The Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW) and Spanish company IDOVEN have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement. It was reported by the official BSWW website.

Following the document, remote sports cardiology will be offered to all beach soccer teams and federations worldwide to prevent possible heart problems among athletes.

Any footballer will receive a personalized report about his heart muscle condition, based on data from a special monitoring kit. After that, the player can constantly check his heart during training, ensuring the best possible safety. IDOVEN technology is based on artificial intelligence, which analyzes an athlete's heartbeat.

One of the project investors is Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who became one of the most famous athletes who suffered from a heart attack during training a year ago.

"All athletes, regardless of their level, are exposed to injuries and medical problems, including heart problems. I am convinced that contributing my grain of sand to help this business and, specifically, health and sports certainly has value. Our future is digital, and investing in our entrepreneurship and talent is essential so that small startups can become a reality in the medium and long term", - said Casillas.

IDOVEN is a Spanish remote cardiology startup that seeks to detect heart problems early and in a non-invasive way to prevent heart attacks and other heart diseases. It was established during preparation for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. IDOVEN is one of the nine companies to be selected by Google to participate in Google for Startups Residency, the most crucial entrepreneurship program of the technology company at the national level, and has recently received the prestigious Seal of Excellence from the European Commission.