Emmanuele Zurlo and Francesco Corosiniti undergo medical examination in Calabria


Italian beach soccer players Emmanuele Zurlo and Francesco Corosiniti underwent a medical examination before preparations for the 2021 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Russia. It was reportedby the Calabria7.

Calabria natives, Zurlo and Corosiniti, chose for medical examination the clinic of their friend Eugenio Muzzi.

"They are both in perfect shape and can not wait to return back to the sand. All the tests we’ve run have shown Emmanuel and Francesco to be at their highest level of readiness for training," — said Dr Muzzi.

“Mr. Muzzi once again proved his professionalism accepted us during the pandemic and by conducting all the necessary tests”, — said the Italian national team players paying their tribute.

Knowing that Eugenio Muzzi is a passionate T-shirt collector, Zurlo and Corosiniti presented him with the official kits of their clubs and the national team signed by all the players.