Metzler: "In 2020, I came up to a fundamentally different level"


2020 was a breakthrough year for German footballer Joscha Metzler. The German national team player's performance in the Euroleague and for Real Munster at the Euro Winners Cup showed that his game has moved to an entirely new level. Joscha told to BSRussia correspondent Mikhail Kudin about this in an interview for our source.

"I think my performance in Nazaré was the next step in my development. In 2020 I reached a fundamentally different level. I scored lots of goals for the national team and club in the Euroleague and Euro Winners Cup. The German team is doing better and better, all that is lacking is high-profile results, and I think everyone has noticed.

My first Euro Winners Cup was very successful. We finished third after losing to Braga in the semifinals of the tournament. Never before in history, the German team has achieved such a result. The Real Munster family can be proud of us", — Metzler replied when it was asked how he views the 2020 season for himself.

Metzler played four matches for the German national team in the Euroleague Superfinal in 2020, where he succeeded in scoring four goals. Playing at the Euro Winners Cup for Real Munster, Joscha won bronze medals in the tournament, scoring ten goals in seven matches. In the fight for third place, Real Munster beat Marbella with 7: 6.

The full interview with Joscha Metzler is coming soon on BSRussia.