Oleg Gapon opens up about why did he choose beach soccer

11 February, 14:10

Oleg Gapon was invited to beach soccer by the head coach of "Grodnoobsport" Vasily Savich. Before that, he played 11-a-side football for "Neman" and mini-football. The newcomer of Kristall opened up about his career in an interview for the official site of BSC Kristall.

"Like many other players, I came to beach soccers from the classic football. I played for Neman (Grodno), then I spent three seasons in the mini-football team UVD Dynamo. And one summer, when there was a break in futsal, Vasily Savich invited me to try beach soccer. And I got drawn by it. Dynamic, spectacular, fast, bicycle kicks and a lot of goals - this is exactly what attracts me in beach soccer ", - Gapon said.

Oleg Gapon signed an agreement with Kristall before the start of the 2021 season. In his first match in St. Petersburg, Gapon scored two goals against Kristall-2.

Source: BSC "Crystal" official website.