Format and timing of the European qualification of the World Beach Games became public

16 March, 09:00

The dates of the European qualification of the first World Beach Games, which will be held in San Diego (USA) from 9 to 14 October, became public. Participants from Europe will be determined according to the results of the qualifying competitions in Salou (Spain), scheduled for the period from May 9 to 12.

16 teams will perform in the men's qualifying tournament. Four teams will go to San Diego. Thus, in order to secure participation in the World European Games, teams need to get two wins in a row. National team that becomes fifth will fight for the right to play in the United States with the third team on the basis of the South American qualification. Invitations to the qualifying tournament in Salou will be forwarded to the best 16 teams in Europe according to the rating. It should be noted that the Russian national team in the BSWW rankings is second among European teams. 

Along with the men's qualification, the women's qualifying tournament will be held in Salou. Six teams will compete for two trips to San Diego. Only qualifying finalists will go to the Games.