The second USA Women’s Beach Soccer League Tour finished in California

14 February, 17:30

Huntington Beach, California, hosted the second round of the United States National Women’s League. SoCal Beaches took the lead with two victories. It was reported by the official Instagram account of Beach Soccer Los Angeles.

The league features many players from the USA National Team, such as Melissa Lowder, Christi Yount, Lauren Leslie, Bethany Haynes, Luisa Meza, and Ali Hall, who remains top of the Top Scorer ranking with five goals.

RESULTS (16/01):

SoCal Beaches 3-2 BSLA

Beach Soccer LA 2-1 SoCal Beaches

BSLA 3-2 Beach Soccer LA 


RESULTS (13/02):

Beach Soccer LA 1-4 SoCal Beaches

BSLA 2-6 Beach Soccer LA 

SoCal Beaches 8-2 BSLA 



1 SoCal Beaches – 9 points

2 Beach Soccer LA – 6 points

3 BSLA – 3 points

The third round of the league will take place on March 13. Follow the Beach Soccer LA Instagram page for more details and match highlights!

Source: Beach Soccer Los Angeles Instagram account.