20 July, 10:10

Rain is not a problem. Opening day of World Cup qualification in Moscow was exciting

Bad weather did not affect the great start of the tournament in the capital of Russia. Fans enjoyed it too.

This summer is Moscow is like a roller coaster. Sun and heat turns into rain and cold very quickly. The month of June was sunny and sweet, but July came with a lot of clouds and rain. Weather was one of the main topics at the official press conference before the start of European World Cup qualification. 

The best player of 2018 in beach soccer Llorenz Gomez from Spain said that he would love to see more sun in Moscow, but he will have to wait a little bit. However, bad weather did not affect the first day of the tournament. 

We saw a lot of drama, a lot of great games. And what is even more important, there were a good number of fans at the stands. It was not full just yet but the quantity was descent for this stage of the tournament by no means. 

Team Russia played last yesterday and of course the crowd was the biggest among all other matches. The opening ceremony was also quite exciting because two Russia beach soccer stars Dmitry Shishin and Yury Krasheninnikov got awards from the Football Union of Russia for playing 200 games for the national team. It was a very special moment for both the players and the fans.

Obviously Russian team was a big favorite on paper and managed to prove it on the sand. Boris Nikonorov, who scored a hat-trick against Germany, took a moment after the game to say thank you to all the spectators who came to support the team on a rainy day. 

“I would really like to thank all the people who decided to spend this evening with our team when the weather is so bad and unpleasant. We appreciate all the support and really value that. This success would not be possible without them”, - Nikonorov told 

Russia beat Germany with a score 6:2 and brought back good memories from times when the team won two World Cups. The striker Kirill Romanov explained why he enjoyed this match. 

“I want to congratulate Shishin and Krash with 200 games with the national team. It is such a pleasure for me to play on one line with them. The rain did not disturb us too much. Yesterday it was pouring so hard, our practice was crazy! So compared to that, this game was ok. Moreover, the sand became very rough which is good for the teams that know how to play “the real” beach soccer. For us conditions were perfect. We know how to use our skills (smiles)”, - Romanov explained to BSRussia. 

Russia’s head coach Mikhail Likhachev admitted that he was quite satisfied with the way his players did their job. 

“We got almost everything right at this game. I’m happy for 70 per cent with our performance. It is always good to start the tournament with a win, especially in such a tough weather. But we still need to work on the quality. There is always room for improvement. We only did the first step”, - he told Match TV. 

There is absolutely no doubt that there will be even more fans on the weekend at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow no matter what the weather is going to be. And it means there will be new drama and new heroes.