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08 March, 16:20
Logodor claim Women’s All-Russian Beach Soccer Cup

The Muscovite side upset Zvezda in a final that had to be decided from the penalty kick spot

18 February, 21:10
Ten outbreaks in Paraguay

BSRussia remembers the best goals from the 2019 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup and looks forward to a spectacular renewal this year..

12 February, 22:00
Hoeveler: “We are ready to prove to the world that Germany can play at the highest level”

An interview with a German international whose dream it is to play in Russia.

10 February, 14:00
Mohagheghi: “I am very lucky. There are good people around me, I couldn’t have done it alone.”

An interview with the man who made the development of Beach soccer the main goal in his life.

05 February, 22:30
Thank you, legend!

​Bsrussia remembers the best matches of the retired Russian Goalkeepers career.

31 January, 19:00
Akylbaeva: "I try to get the most out of every day"

An interview with a soccer player called by BSWW experts "the embodiment of beach soccer".

28 January, 19:30
Metzler: "The main thing in beach soccer is to become a friend of the sand"

Exclusive interview with one of the best German football players "right now" for BSRussia.

30 July, 10:00
Capture the moment. Best photos of the World Cup qualifier at Luzhniki stadium

Our photographers took thousands of snapshots at the tournament in Moscow. We chose the best of them. Please, enjoy.

28 July, 13:00
Andrade: God helped me save these penalties

Portuguese goalkeeper was crying after the game against Spain. He told us why.

27 July, 20:30
Tears and joy. Spain and Portugal played the best game of the tournament

The most dramatic episode of the tournament left Spain without the World Cup.

27 July, 12:00
"World Cup is the only trophy Italy is missing. It's time to change it"

Gabriele Gori is happy to qualify to the World Cup in Paraguay and believes Italy can do very well there.

26 July, 23:55
“Other teams are afraid of Russia again. And that is fantastic”

Boris Nikonorov had no doubts Russia would qualify to the World Cup.

26 July, 22:00
World Cup without Portugal or Spain? This is a reality now.

One of the two iconic teams will not go to Paraguay. Another game day was very dramatic in Moscow.

26 July, 20:00
"My heart belongs to Russia today"

Switzerland's captain Mo believed that Russia would help his team to qualify to the World Cup.

26 July, 10:00
"We could not stop thinking about going to the World Cup"

The head coach of team Belarus Nico said that he always believed in this group of players.

25 July, 22:00
Belarus is making history and going to their first ever World Cup!

Switzerland upset Spain and made the second group unpredictable.

25 July, 21:15
"This Belarus team reminds me of Russia in 2007"

Team Russia's captain stays focused and wants to qualify to the World Cup as soon as possible.

25 July, 12:30
"This is the best Spain I have ever played for"

Best player of 2018 in the world Llorenc Gomez explained why playing for this team made him so happy.

24 July, 21:30
Bravo, Belarus. Nico's team surprised Portugal and got one step closer to the World Cup

Azerbaijan tried to do the same against Spain but did not succeed.

24 July, 18:40
"Italy is very strong mentally"

Italian's goalkeeper Simone del Mestre compliments his team for the game vs Poland and admits he might play in Russia once again.

24 July, 10:00
"This experience will last a lifetime". We found a Russian guy in team Switzerland

He has four different jobs in the team and helps Switzerland qualify to the World Cup.

23 July, 21:30
"Do or die". It was a decision day for all the teams at the World Cup qualifier

20 teams came to Moscow to fulfil their dream. Now there is only 8 of them left. Could all favourites make it through?

23 July, 14:20
"Azerbaijan has chances every year. It is time to finally use it"

Azerbaijan's captain Amid Nazarov got a perfect gift for his 30th birthday. His team is only two steps away from the World Cup!

22 July, 23:30
«Switzerland is looking for revenge against Russia for 7 years ago loss"

The legend of Swiss beach soccer Spacca does not think of retirement and wants to play vs Russia with full crowd.

22 July, 21:30
Goalkeeper or striker? The world of beach soccer got their own Jose Luis Chilavert

Moldavian goalie became a hero of the fourth day. But there was a lot more to follow in Moscow on July 22.

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