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22 July, 16:55
"World Cup qualifier is the main tournament. But it is also holiday time for our families"

Norwegian player Fredy Bidro explained why team leaders did not come to Moscow and talked about the future of the national team.

21 July, 18:45
A star is born. And four crazy penalty misses in one game!

The third game day of the World Cup qualifier in Moscow raised new beach soccer heroes.

21 July, 16:15
"If Russia hosts 2021 World Cup, the whole beach soccer world is going to win"

Turkey's head coach Emrah Aykurt believes his team can make it to the World Cup. Even without their best player.

21 July, 14:45
Biermann: Russia is one of the world leaders in terms of beach soccer development

Christian Biermann brought Germany a very important win. In spite of the injury.

21 July, 08:00
"Beach soccer is my only job". A guy from Azerbaijan is living his dream

Lithuania gave him family and a dream job. An amazing story of Sahib Mammadov that looks more like a fairy tale.

20 July, 21:05
No Poland, no drama. This team knows how to heat things up in Moscow

Mistakes by the goalies, come backs, first MVP candidates – the second day of European qualifier had it all.

20 July, 15:30
"I am filled with emotions when I remember France winning the World Cup last year"

Frenchman Victor Angeletti is pleased with the start of Moscow qualifier. He is inspired by a big dream and by 2018 FIFA World Cup.

20 July, 10:10
Rain is not a problem. Opening day of World Cup qualification in Moscow was exciting

Bad weather did not affect the great start of the tournament in the capital of Russia. Fans enjoyed it too.

19 July, 21:45
Importance of a second. Big drama at the start of the World Cup qualification in Moscow

First day of European qualifier got everything – joy, tears, own goals and a crazy shot that reminded us about Roberto Carlos.

19 July, 14:25
“A year ago I was cheering for Poland in Luzhniki fan zone in Moscow. It's amazing!”

Polish striker Karim Madani came to Moscow as a fan in 2018, and now he leads his team to the World Cup.

19 July, 10:00
They will shine in Moscow. Top-5 stars of 2019 European World Cup qualification

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup European Qualifier Moscow - 2019 is worth seeing for these guys!

28 June, 14:55
​FIFA World Cup in Moscow is the best thing could have ever experienced. Do not ever doubt it!​

FIFA has a unique chance to organize the best beach soccer world cup in history and it is only possible in Moscow!

The masterpiece! Vote for the best goal of Russian Superleague!

At the 1st stage of Russian Superleague 142 goals were scored. Vote for the best one!

18 March, 12:00
Welcome to!

#beachsoccerrussia #newBSRussia #inEnglishnow

Showdown in Asian neighborhood. Five reasons to follow Asian Championship

Three more participants of 2019 World Cup will be determined in Thailand. Iran or Japan may well be left out, whilst a newcomer from former USSR will

05 March, 13:30
“Everyone has a chance to succeed in beach soccer. Russia has proven it.”

Journalist Marcelo Almeida considers Moscow to be an ideal city and explains why Brazilian players envy Russia.

04 March, 13:00
Renales: club Mundialito may stay in Moscow for a long time

​One of BSWW bosses is confident that Kristall simply did not want to play at Mundialito. Gabino Renales complains about difficulties of translation.​

01 March, 12:00
Tanger: playing in Russia made me recognizable on the streets of Brazil

​No one knew him. But after a year of playing in Russia Brazilian kids dream of following his footsteps.

28 February, 18:45
Suarez: I dream to play against Spartak in the final of Mundialito-2019

Everyone was wondering how Levante could beat Lokomotiv. Edu Suarez told us the secret

28 February, 12:00
Taiarui: being at the World Cup is the main goal for me and Tahiti this season

​The best player of World Cup-2015 flew 27 hours to Russia but was not very surprised by the snow. Obviously the victory over BATE made it warmer.​

Likhachev: Inter Cup will be a good test for all candidates to the Russian national team

​The head coach of the Russian national team Mikhail Likhachev talks about the team composition prior to the first tournament of 2019.

18 February, 15:00
BSR Weekly Didgest. Angry Brazilians and hero of the day from Iran

Hosseini celebrated his anniversary, Vasco da Gama complains on Mundialito organisers , and Cape Verde is preparing to host the African Beach Games.

06 February, 18:50
Mundialito without Krystall? How is it possible?!

Mundialito will be held in Russia for the first time this year. Lokomotiv and Spartak have already confirmed their participation. Krystall have not.

01 February, 21:30
What to choose? How not to get lost in the official match balls of 2019

After release of the new ball, people wondered which tool will we use in 2019? Looks like there will be two balls at once.

22 January, 19:30
Is it really you? 9 actors that could play beach soccer stars in movies

A film about Russian national team could be a bestseller. It is no other way when Jean Reno and Konstantin Khabensky will fight for the leading part.

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