Period G W Wot Wpn Lpn Lot L GF - GA GAvg YC RC AgeAvg
All the time 92 34 0 3 2 1 52 328 - 424 3.57 27 2 0
22 July, 21:30
Goalkeeper or striker? The world of beach soccer got their own Jose Luis Chilavert

Moldavian goalie became a hero of the fourth day. But there was a lot more to follow in Moscow on July 22.

19 July, 21:45
Importance of a second. Big drama at the start of the World Cup qualification in Moscow

First day of European qualifier got everything – joy, tears, own goals and a crazy shot that reminded us about Roberto Carlos.

19 July, 14:25
“A year ago I was cheering for Poland in Luzhniki fan zone in Moscow. It's amazing!”

Polish striker Karim Madani came to Moscow as a fan in 2018, and now he leads his team to the World Cup.

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