Period G W Wot Wpn Lpn Lot L GF - GA GAvg YC RC AgeAvg
2020 4 3 0 0 0 0 1 26 - 15 6.50 0 1 0
All the time 250 132 5 6 9 4 94 1370 - 1131 5.48 142 21 0
27 July, 20:30
Tears and joy. Spain and Portugal played the best game of the tournament

The most dramatic episode of the tournament left Spain without the World Cup.

26 July, 22:00
World Cup without Portugal or Spain? This is a reality now.

One of the two iconic teams will not go to Paraguay. Another game day was very dramatic in Moscow.

26 July, 20:00
"My heart belongs to Russia today"

Switzerland's captain Mo believed that Russia would help his team to qualify to the World Cup.

25 July, 22:00
Belarus is making history and going to their first ever World Cup!

Switzerland upset Spain and made the second group unpredictable.

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24 July, 21:30
Bravo, Belarus. Nico's team surprised Portugal and got one step closer to the World Cup

Azerbaijan tried to do the same against Spain but did not succeed.

24 July, 10:00
"This experience will last a lifetime". We found a Russian guy in team Switzerland

He has four different jobs in the team and helps Switzerland qualify to the World Cup.

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