Period G W Wot Wpn Lpn Lot L GF - GA GAvg YC RC AgeAvg
All the time 127 38 1 4 8 2 74 414 - 552 3.26 52 1 0
12 February, 22:00
Hoeveler: “We are ready to prove to the world that Germany can play at the highest level”

An interview with a German international whose dream it is to play in Russia.

28 January, 19:30
Metzler: "The main thing in beach soccer is to become a friend of the sand"

Exclusive interview with one of the best German football players "right now" for BSRussia.

21 July, 18:45
A star is born. And four crazy penalty misses in one game!

The third game day of the World Cup qualifier in Moscow raised new beach soccer heroes.

21 July, 14:45
Biermann: Russia is one of the world leaders in terms of beach soccer development

Christian Biermann brought Germany a very important win. In spite of the injury.

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